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Monster High Ghouls Rule Clawdeen Review

Clawdeen Wolf — Ghouls Rule


The makeup on this doll is much simpler than the Cleo doll featuring details on one eye only. The left eye has a beautiful two toned green gradient and standard eyeliner. The only complaint is the fading of the black of the lashes. It’s extremely subtle but not intentional for sure. The right eye is identical to the left but with added black animal print and instead of the eyebrow this long sweeping gold curve that cuts across the nose. Unfortunately not only does the glitter get everywhere (and shows up in a few stray spots on the face) but there’s not enough of it. You don’t even have to look that closely to see the glue beneath the glitter. The overall affect is stunning but up close It’s mediocre at best. Clawdeen’s lips are the same bright purple as her hair with a light shimmer. Her fangs are barely visible due to the color but it’s still a striking effect. Unfortunately my dolls has damage two three parts of the mouth where the lipstick has been scratched away.

Overall: 8/10


Let me start by staying, as a fellow faux-hawk sporter, I LOVE her hair in principle. I love the long curley volumous mowhawk with the fuzzy animal print sides, it’s such a cute style and very “Clawdeen”.  On the doll itself the shaved sides are a fuzzy material like on Venus and the Wave 2 Clawd doll. It does not extend to  under the longer hair instead dropping off at a very distinct line around the hair line. There is a visible groove in the doll’s head where the line drops off but no other damage spots that I can see. The hair itself down the middle is very sparse. I think perhaps Matell thought that because the hair is curly they wouldn’t need as much of it but they were sorely mistaken. Clawdeen’s hair isn’t nearly volumous enough to really pull off this style or resemble what it did in the movie. The top half is also pulled back into this uneven braid that does not serve the style at all. As with previous curly-haired dolls, the texture of the hair is greasy but not as much as it usually is. The curl doesn’t hold when brushed and turns into a frizzy mess. It’s not quite as bad as Wave 1 Lagoona but not as good as Wave 1 Clawdeen’s subtle curl and volume.

Overall: 7/10


Clawdeen sports a costume I’d expect from the musical Cats before I would Monster High. The doll comes wearing a spandex body suit printing with gold lame details. The black arm fur is attached to the sleeves where as the leg-warmers are not. The arm warmers are distinctly longer than they appear in the movie and the fur itself is long, cumbersome, and sheds everywhere. The bulk of the arm warmers combined with the length makes it impossible to bend the doll’s arms into poses without consistently dislodging the arm joints. To reattach them you then have to remove the gold neck piece and then slide the tight bodysuit off which in itself a challenge and more of a hassle than it’s worth. It’s hard to take off any of the items without loosing handfuls of faux fur in the process. It’s a rough, unpleasant texture too. The edges are unsealed and rough with flecks of white showing through the black when the hair isn’t combed down. There is no stretch so getting the leg warmers to stay up with anything other than friction is a pain. The bodysuit itself fits well (if maybe just a little too loose—which makes getting the leg warmers on difficult as the bodysuit keeps riding up). Due to the nature of the material there is no fraying and the seams are well constructed.

The shoes are..interesting. They’re a very similar shape to Draculaura’s and slide on and off very easily. The heels is a bit thin and prone to bending. Sadly, the shoes cannot stand up on their own let alone while the doll is wearing them. The detail in the shoes is gorgeous even if its monochromatic. There’s buckle and stud details reminiscent of the other gold items in the clothing set. Unfortunately, you can see the seams on the shoes down the middle and the swirling where the metallic dye didn’t blend well in the plastic. The plastic is much softer than Cleo’s and can easily be dented with a fingernail.

Additional items include a removable belt, ankle cuffs, and belt chest piece. The leg pieces are fully closed with a glaring gap in the back held together with a tiny bar. I’m not sure why the gap isn’t fully open or closed. The cuffs are too thick for them to really bend with the leg so it seems useless. The belt fits very wonky on the hips of the doll. It closes with the standard overlapping hidden button. I can’t tell you how this is suppose to fit on the properly though as it isn’t styled like the version in the movie and rests too high on the hips of the doll. The chest piece is intricate and cool looking with 4 button closures. The buttons are not hidden well and stand out. The piece is highly flexible but a little ill-fit so it’s difficult to fully snap in place. It hangs off the doll’s breasts, jutting out at a strange angle instead of conforming to the shape best.

Overall: 7/10

Posability and the doll:

As with the other Ghouls Rule dolls, the joints are very well constructed. They fit well and pose well without clothing. Please see my Cleo review for more details.

Not as much cracking on this doll’s leg seams but the seams are still prominent. Plastic hip joints.

The hands on this Clawdeen are clawed with plastic built-in fingerless gloves. The plastic is uneven with obvious seams and a damaged blotch on the inner corner of the left wrist. The green is painted odd and uneven against the wrist.

Overall: 9/10


Clawdeen came with the jewelry mentioned in the clothing section as well as 4 semi transparent green earrings. According to the art she’s only supposed to have 3 earrings but I guess they didn’t want to change the mold on the ears. The earrings fit well. The plastic is a semi transparent green with glitter flecks inside the plastic.

Clawdeen also came with a trick-or-treat bucket and black coffin with green sludge. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be but it is definitely the worst made of the party-items. The entire container feels hallow and thin on top of being an indistinguishable item. The case closes well even with the green dripping outside of it but the hinges are flimsy so the item can only be completely opened or completely shut. There is no latch to hold the item shut either.

Clawdeen’s stand was the worst stand I’ve ever had. The doll holder is way too loose on the pole and the pole itself won’t stay stuck in bottom piece. It won’t even somewhat stay in place,  you can’t lift it without it falling out. The stands have progressively been getting worse with the release of new dolls but this is inexcusable and completely unusable.

The mask is beautifully designed and made of a sturdy plastic. Clawdeen can’t hold it well, but it looks nice.

Overall: 5/10

Final Score: 7.2

Ghouls Rule Cleo De Nile Review

Ghouls Rule Reviews:

First thoughts and packaging:

When I first saw the Ghouls Rule line I knew I had to have it. These designs really look like collector’s material and I was so reluctant to take the dolls out of the box. The box itself is interesting. It’s unlike any of the previous styles and it’s marketing to the fact these are from the movie. The box doesn’t feature the normal art or information, instead it’s a 3D still from the movie with information about the movie. The only difference between all the boxes is the front cover. Even the little blurb inside the box is the same. There’s nothing unique about each box personalizing it for the individual ghoul. That is a little disappointing and feels like a cop out. I collect my boxes as well as the dolls so this feels like a waste of valuable space to me when I have to collect five boxes that are the exact same for that one miniscule front detail. All of these dolls were also must less secured than the basic dolls with fewer ties holding them in place and the ties being a lot looser.  Personally, I prefer this because it makes removing the doll that much easier, but it terms of display and how the dolls might be man-handled at the store by crazed collectors like me, it runs the risk of more damage to the dolls. A great example of this is the second latest release of the Sweet 1600 Cupid doll which in box looks like it’s been through hell and back. I’m noticing a trend in the newer releases and I’m not happy about it.

Cleo De Nile:


At first glance I fell in love with the makeup on Cleo. It’s very styled and beautiful with Egyptian touches paying homage to her patron monster. I love the glitter, I love the colors and how they tie into the dress and accessories and I ADORE the thick eyebrows. I honestly get tired of all these dolls having little pencil thin eyebrows, it’s time some natural thick ones were on a doll and Cleo has the perfect face to pull it off. The glitter is placed in great spots to highlight parts of Cleo’s makeup (lips and eyes) but it also doesn’t rub off which is great. The problem is that on my doll at least, the makeup is very uneven and flawed. The glitter on each eye is in two different spots. On the right eye the glitter is on the second layer of eye liner and the top layer of gold but the left eye the glitter is on the top-most black liner and in the gold triangle at the side of the eye but nowhere else. I can’t tell where the glitter is actually supposed to be. I give props for trying to stylize it and put as much detail into it you can but If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all. The left eye also has major bleeding with the blue eye shadow on top and on that eyebrow.  The white of the eye is very discolored and flecked with black.

Overall: 6/10 – Mad props for style but really bad execution.


I have no idea what the doll makers were thinking when styling this. I never realized Cleo’s patron monster was the scarecrow.  I mean seriously, her hair looks like a bad straw wig. It looks stringy and maybe that’s because of the black tinsel in it but the whole style is also choppy. I get that in the movie the hair looks like that but you could have made it look a little nicer on the doll. The volume in the hair isn’t created by adding more hair but instead this really bizarre texturing and cut that makes it flare out. 

The pony tail she’s supposed to be wearing is situated really low and so it’s hard to tell that it’s even there  It’s too far back, smooshed down, and the braids don’t help hold it up even a little. If you can even call them braids, anyway. There’s no excuse for these “braids”.  The style just fails on so many levels. The bangs also jut out at this strange angle instead of lying flat on the forehead like they’re supposed to.  Draculaura dolls have this same problem but with theirs its due to gel, there doesn’t feel like there’s any gel in the bangs for Cleo but something is definitely off and forcing the bangs out like this.

Overall: 4/10 –Cool blending and volume but..seriously?


The main reason I wanted these dolls to begin with was for these dresses. In the box they looked so cool and grand. The designs are beautiful, the construction isn’t. Cleo’s gown is incredibly simple and feels cheap. Instead of layering it’s all one piece which is convenient for removal and storage but the hanging pieces on the necklace and the blue pieces on the skirt feel thin and cheap. They’re only painted on one side so unless they fall just right on the gown you can tell it’s costume.  Taking the gown off  I notice a lot of loose threads. And when I stretch it to take the dress off I see spots where the stitching is uneven and already unraveling. The Velcro in the back is also new. It’s a lot softer but stronger than the Velcro in previous dolls. It doesn’t get caught to things as much as before which is nice and it holds and fits on the doll beautifully.

As for the shoes I can’t begin to tell you how much I love them. Unfortunately, they make it impossible for the doll to stand without a stand. But they’re so cool I don’t care. They are this lovely transparent green with this overlapping reed-like texture and little pyramids for the sole of the shoe. The ankle strap is not just snakeskin but an actual snake. The inner part where a buckle would be shows a head tail intertwined. The detail in these shoes is beyond beautiful. The plastic is a little hard and difficult to remove from the foot, unfortunately.

Overall: 7/10

Posability and the Doll itself

This is probably the most posable doll I’ve found in the series so far. Her joints are very well sized so that she moves easily but can hold the positions and accessories you give her. Nothing is wobbly.  Instead of elastic in the legs there is plastic. Plastic is more durable but I’m terrified of it breaking still and her legs have less posability at the hip because of that.

The seams in the plastic are awful. They are bulky and in at least two spots on the legs have already begun to crack fresh out of the box.

Her elbows have this strange little rough circle on both arms that doesn’t seem to have a functional purpose. There’s also numbering on both arms as well as her back which is a little annoying. I understand the arms need to be labeled but I don’t like it being done in plastic.

Her hands are also really odd. The shape is beautiful and elegant but the ring and middle fingers are fused together on both hands. I’d argue that this is so she’ll hold her mask better but none of the other dolls have this same problem.

Overall: 8/10 – I’m bias here. I love the posability even at the expense of all the other flaws.


I love the jewelry on the doll even if it’s not accurate to the movie. One earring, the necklace, and a bracelet are snakes while the other bracelet is a geometric triangle pattern. It works well for the outfit and has good detail. It all fits well and looks gorgeous with the dress. The mask is simpler than I like but it’s beautiful, fits well, and fits in Cleo’s hand perfectly. A great compliment to the dress too.

Each of the dolls came with a party-item to decorate the space with. Cleo came with a punch bowl and ladle. The bowl is beautifully styled and the bubbles and swirls in the punch is a great accent. The punch is a little too small and started separating from the bowl itself but still my favorite accessory in the set. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where you are supposed to set the ladle. It can’t fit in the bowl so it just has to sit beside it. It’s a nice idea but a little useless.

The stand holds up nicely but still doesn’t snap like the old ones used to.

Overall: 9/10

Final Score:  6.8/10

In response to anyone who follows my main blog:

Yes I added a First Wave (with original hands) Clawdeen to my personal collection. HOWEVER, I paid the scalper price for her. If I had not paid that, she would be stocked here. I did not use our limited profit margin money to afford her either. Any profits MHC makes (which is already very limited) goes right back into trying to get a rare doll like Clawdeen in stock here for a very low rate. However, so far because we’re as comited as we are to providing the dolls at fair rates we’ve made I think $20 in profit TOTAL over all our doll sales. That profit right now goes into covering shipping on trades and is no where near enough to cover the markup on dolls being requested (such as Clawdeen and Spectra). How this works, for example, is if we had earned $60 in total profit and tips over time after trading fees etc. passed is that we’d use that money to buy a rarer doll. We could then offer said doll at a WAY BELOW scalper rate (like $30 max for the doll) by using the profits earned on other dolls and tips to cover the markup for one lucky trader. However, all we have is $20 on that ledger and that’s not enough to cover the markup of any doll yet that’s been requested. If I find the dolls in store at all you get the rate I pay, but if I have to buy the doll from another collector or scalper you get the rate I pay MINUS a portion of our profit (which gets fed back into the system). I hope this clarifies everything!

Meowlody and Purrsephone Review


I’ve never really felt compelled to write a review for any of my dolls but the Were Cat Sisters TRU Exclusive Set warrants at least a partial review.

These dolls are very difficult to get ahold of and I had to jump through so many hoops to get them. My local TRU did not have them in stock but…

Just a note and new rules.

I only have so much tolerance for people who waste our time. Recently a trader offering a rare doll that many of you have requested was willing to trade with us on several occasions for the doll for one of ours. Every single time something happened at the last second or they stopped talking to us entirely. I don’t tolerate this kind of behavior as it wastes my time and the time and hopes of the requesters here. We are here to help and benefit the community, but if people in the community want to act like petulant children we will bar you from doing business with us. It takes a lot of effort to be on the hunt as much as our contributors are for deals and possible trades. Wasting time on false leads with indecisive traders benefits no one. I’d like to think I’m very forgiving as I tend to be a bit of an air-head myself. However, deliberately wasting our time will bar you from making requests or contributions through the group. If you have been barred, you will be notified by MHC. You can apologize and explain what happened and get the bar lifted. However, if you proceed to our rules or waste our time excessively again you will be permanently barred. I hate to do this but it’s very frustrating sometimes.

Another new rule we will be implementing is that traders, requesters, buyers, and sellers cannot work through MHC if you are under the age of 13. You may have a parent contact us, but we will not be doing business with you directly. If you are between 13-18 you must have parental permission, but you may continue to use this resource.

Some updates

We are now completely OUT of all previously in-stock dolls minus reserves and Holt Hyde BNIB.


I still have access to BNIB original Frankie and Draculaura but once they’re gone they’re gone and the only way we’ll be getting them in again is via request. I should be getting a Draculaura/Clawd Giftset soon.


A reminder that the new dolls (Jackson, Rochelle, Operetta, Nefera, and Abbey will come in stock by REQUEST ONLY).


Dolls on reserve that will be in-stock if the reservers back out:

-Fearleading Set (Cleo, Draculaura, Ghoullia)

-Jackson Jekyll


Dolls Currently Requested:

Sweet 1600 Clawd

Spectra (<—lots of requests)

Werecat Sisters

Original Clawdeen (<—three requests)

Clawdeen/Howleen Set

Deuce/Cleo Set

I forgot to write down your name, the woman who was interested in Hyde:

I just realized we have two, not one. So I’ll keep one of them on hold for you.

Regarding the Draculaura Dolls:

We are selling her at $30 for NIB. This is the LAST opportunity to get a First Wave NIB Draculaura from us. After that we will no longer be carrying her.

She’s available for trade as well or with other dolls to combine shipping. If interested be sure to message me in the ask box! Thanks.

A note on my trades:

I go by current value of the doll at it’s lowest selling price online, not the original paid. Someone wanted to trade Holt Hyde for the Werecat twins but wanted us to provide something extra to compensate for the difference in values. Last I chcked Holt Hyde was at $70 and the Werecat Twins were at $60. I’m sorry if Holt Hyde was once priced at $20 but he’s no longer being produced and is a rare doll. I cannot offer him PLUS another doll for a doll currently worth less than him on the market. If I wanted to go that route, I’d sell him and then use the proceeds on the dolls we need. I find my trading process to be more than fair but if you want to try to swindle me, you will be banned from doing business here.

A little dusty but we just got this in! The dolls CAN be split up if there isn&#8217;t enough demand for the full set. If there isn&#8217;t enough demand after X amount of time, then I&#8217;ll keep it for myself.
As usual I&#8217;d prefer to arrange trades than sales but this WILL be available for sale. If interested, contact me. If you just want one or two of the dolls loose, contact me.
high resolution »

A little dusty but we just got this in! The dolls CAN be split up if there isn’t enough demand for the full set. If there isn’t enough demand after X amount of time, then I’ll keep it for myself.

As usual I’d prefer to arrange trades than sales but this WILL be available for sale. If interested, contact me. If you just want one or two of the dolls loose, contact me.